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We only have a planet to live, let´s protect it.

Mision and Vision

Bioecoturn is an initiative to help businesses and leaders to take urgent action against global environmental and climatic change. 

The fate of humanity and life on Earth depends on our societies making immediate and drastic changes in the way we live.

It is time to put the planet on a safer path or we will face catastrophic consequences.

Human activities not only lead to irreversible climate change, but also to the loss of natural ecosystems, biodiversity, forests, soils, water etc., all of which are negatively impacting our economies and societies. 

A fierce demand for energy, food, land and natural resources is leading us towards a global environmental, economic and social disaster.

In addition, in the next few decades, the planet Earth will need to accommodate a fast-growing human population couple with increasing consumption rates, standards of living and socioeconomic inequalities, which will inevitably apply more pressure on the planet´s natural resources.

With such a worrisome and unpredictable future for life on Earth and our civilizations, it is now time for a massive turn towards sustainable solutions. A turn which offers incredible opportunities for business growth.

In Bioecoturn, we are passionate about finding the best and long term solutions to reduce our ecological and carbon footprint as well as to adapt to the environmental changes.

We focus on the agriculture and forestry sectors, which are both interlinked, as they compete for land and contribute to climate change at the same time (both emit 25% of the total GHG). .

However, forest and agricultural lands offer the most interesting opportunities to sequester atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions responsible for the increasing global temperatures.  

In fact, the latest IPCC report from April 2022 includes sinking carbon into the land as one of the five priority measures to tackle climate change; this can only be done by capturing CO2 through climate-smart forestry and climate-smart agriculture, which involve, on the one hand, protecting forests and increasing reforestation and afforestation programs, and on the other implementing regenerative agriculture and a circular bioeconomy.

At the same time, we also need our best technologies (including natural-solutions) to maximize food production without further deforesting and destroying natural habitats.  

We know that the future of agriculture depends on innovation leaning towards bioorganic, sustainable and holistic farming, which views natural (e.g. forests) and agricultural systems as a continuum. In other words, natural and agricultural systems live in a symbiosis that we need to understand if we want to really embrace sustainability.

Therefore, Bioecoturn wants to help with this great opportunity for businesses to grow and develop through the best interdisciplinary scientific and technological solutions to the agricultural and forestry sectors.

What do we do?

  • Bioecoturn offers scientific knowledge and consultancy services in several topics ranging from climate risks or carbon footprint modelling to providing adaptation and mitigation solutions. 
  • We do research on forest ecology, plant ecophysiology, carbon sinks, remote sensing and geographical information systems. 
  • We are also involved in biotechnological and regenerative agricultural projects to increase agricultural productivity, soil conservation and carbon capture. 
  •  We promote the hemp industry, because this wonder plant, able to provide incredible environmental services, food and materials, has a great potential to be humanity´s most useful and important crop in the near future. 
  • In addition, we provide education in sustainability for businesses and young leaders, farmers, decision-makers, etc. 

It is time for businesses and politics to turn direction and we want to help you on being the first to grab such opportunities. 

We are involved with different actors in industry, academia and local and regional governments, NGOs.

Contact us and we will solve your doubts.

 Who founded this initiative?

Bioecoturn was founded by Dr Jorge del Castillo Díaz, who loves nature and is passionate about finding solutions to the environmental and climatic crisis.

He is a physical/environmental geographer, (BSc and MSc from King’s College London, UK) and PhD in forest science (University of Lleida, Spain), with strong interest in anthropogenic global change.

Jorge has participated in climate change activism since his years at King´s College London as a student (2003).

  • He has several publications in top international scientific journals and has presented at international conferences. 
  • He is also a professor for executive directors of food companies and agribusinesses at the international school of agribusiness management (ISAM) in Spain, where he teaches Challenges and Opportunities for the Global Agricultural Sector
  • Jorge is too an active member of Toastmasters International, where he learns about leadership and public speaking. 
Ledership in sustainabily

We are a member of the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture.

GACSA Membership Certificate Bioecoturn

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