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We provide sustainable solutions to the environmental issues we face today. We offer scientific consultancy services for the agricultural and forestry sectors.

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We develope biofertilizers that meet the bioeconomy and sustainability principles. We use subproducts/waste from different industries to improve soils. 

and Forestry

We design the landscape to restore ecosystems and agricultural lands. We offer solutions to the conversion into ecological/holistic farming.




We are experts in remote sensing, GIS, environmental modelling, plant physiology and nutrition, plant-water relationships,  stable isotopes.


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We offer education to society, either schools or more advanced levels such as university courses or other businesses. We also provide key information through social media about solving the environmental crisis.

Increase Production

We can provide the right tools to increase productivity while taking care of the environment. With a mix of high technology and sustainable agricultural practices you can get the best out of your crops for decades to come.

Industrial development

Do not throw your waste from your industry. Instead, talk to us about the possibilities to transform it into food for plants and to restore the soil life..

Forest Service

To restore natural ecosystems such as forest or damage agricultural lands, you need guidance to obtain the best environmental services out of the system, e.g. carbons sink, water, biodiversity, food, etc.

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