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We only have a planet to live, let´s protect it.

Bioecoturn borns out of the urgent need of taking action against Global and Climate Change. The fate and evolution of humanity depends on the actions we take today. The challenges we face are possibly some of the greatest of all times given the worrying consequences of a planetary climatic and environmental change. In the past, climate change at global scale has negatively impacted and extinguished different ancient civilisations. In addition, the high pressure we put on the planet´s natural resources is largely modifying the biogeochemistry of the land and oceans, leading to pollution of the environment and a major biological extinction. With such a worrisome future for us and many of the species on the planet, it is time to speed up the process towards mitigating and adapting to the worst consequences of these global environmental issues. In light of this, knowledge transfer and technology are playing a very important roles in mitigating the worst case scenarios the scientific comunity has predicted for this century. In an planet which will likely reach nearly 10 billion people by 2050, collaboration and coordination are needed at all scales, from small local actions to global political decisions.
In Bioecoturn, we strongly believe in sustainable and technological development as the only way forward to reduce our ecological footprint and thus avoid regrettable consequences. However, the gap between the current development strategies and sustainable development is still enormous, which puts us under pressure to increase awareness about the possible solutions available to us. This is why Bioecoturns chooses social media to promote research and activities that contribute to innovation in this field. There is a great opportunity for business growth in the bioeconomy market which will involve applying the best scientific and technological solutions to the agricultural and forestry sectors. We want to add our grain of salt to that by making information public and widely available. In the era of information, we want to screen out for real and scientifically based solution. 
Bioecoturn has expertise in several topics ranging from forest ecology and plant physiology to remote sensing of the environment and geographical information systems. We are also involved in biotechnological projects for waste treatment to increase agricultural productivity and soil conservation. We believe that the future of agriculture depends on innovation leaning towards bioorganic, sustainable and holistic farming, which views natural and agricultural systems as a continuum, where exchanges of life, energy and matter take place. We also believe that forestry will play an important role in combating the environmental threats of the 21 century. Forests absorb CO2 from the atmosphere thus reducing the greenhouse effect, so they need to be conserved (specially in tropical regions) as well as strategically and massively planted to counteract current deforestation and global warming.
It is time for businesses and politics to change direction and we want to help you on that. We offer consultancy and scientific collaboration as well as the possibility to promote your work in our site if we find it of interest. We are involved with different actors in industry, academia and local and regional governments and NGOs. Contact us  and we will solve your doubts.
I am Jorge del Castillo Díaz, the founder of Bioecoturn. I am a physical/environmental geographer, (BSc and MSc from King’s College London, UK) and PhD in forest science (University of Lleida, Spain), with strong interest in planetary and anthropogenic climate change sciences. I have been active in climate change activism and research since my years at King´s College London, for instance, participating in national campaigns such as Stop Climate Chaos as a university student representative. I have several publications in international scientific journals related to tree-ring climate reconstruction, semi-arid environments, forestry, plant-water use efficiency, ecology, plant ecophysiology, stable isotopes, remote sensing, GIS etc, which I have presented at international conferences.  I managed to obtained that thanks to the support of my family and the great professionals I have worked with in some of the best international scientific labs along the years.
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